Jim and Hanson 

We were and still are great fans of Hanson.

We even asked Jim about them.

K&M: We are great fans of Hanson. They are still going strong. Have you heard any of their music? Except of course MMMBop, which even my 98-year-old half deaf neighbour has?
Jim: I've heard some stuff. But, a friend of mine just mentioned them to me and said that I would really like some of their newest stuff. I'll look into it.

Well, did you Jim baby?


Hanson just toured Australia (Sep 2012), promoting their fifth studio album, Shout It Out. Marica went to a couple of concerts, enjoyed them immenselly and that got us thinking.

There are quite a few connections between Jim and Hanson.

When The World Is Falling Down CD Review

First and foremost - the Hanson official website and fan club published our review of Jimmy's album When The World Is falling Down. It was very well received among Hanson fans.

Michelle Branch

During 2001/2002 Jim followed Michelle  like a shadow; as her musical director, backup vocal and playing guitar and keyboards.  Look at all those shows and appearances!

But, did you know that before she became famous; Michelle was a Hanson fan who caught the attention of the band with her music. She opened for Hanson during their 2000 This Time Around tour and that's how she got signed in 2001 and made it big. Rumour has it that she was in love with Taylor Hanson, but who wasn't in those days???

In 2004 Michelle sang with Hanson on their third album Underneath, in the song "Deeper".

New Radicals

Jim was part of New Radicals who famously dissed Hanson in "Get What You Give" in 1998.

That obviously wasn't enough so after that it was Jim that dissed Hanson covering "Get What you Give" with Michelle Branch a couple of years later.

Recently, Jim covered "Get What You Give" acoustically during his WXPN 88.5 appearance (Sep 21, 2012).
We need to say here that we were glad that Jimmy didn't sing the "dissing Hanson" bridge. Let's be honest here, we doubt very much that it was because of us. There were probably time constraints or he forgot the lyrics or whatever. But hey. Let's pretend.

By the way, Hanson haven't been known to hold grudges. They actually collaborated with Gregg Alexander on their third studio album. They co-wrote one of the best Hanson songs ("Lost Without Each Other") with ole Gregg. And they are, like, BFF's with Gregg Alexander now. So Jim, you are safe.

You Can't Always Get What You Want
(Mick Jagger/Keith Richards)

Both Jim and Hanson covered this song

Hanson during their 2000 This Time Around Tour

Jimmy in 2005 with the Houseband (Rockstar Inxs)

Various musicians

Greg Wells coproduced Hanson's third studio album and Bleu collaborated with Hanson as well.

Jim follows both on Twitter. Considering how precious few Jim follows on twitter - that's a big thing worth mentioning.

Kate Voegele, one of the musicians that Jim collaborated with and produced, opened for Hanson in 2008.
Jim's buddy Matt Nathanson seems to be a Hanson fan as well. There is a photo of him wearing Hanson t-shirt. We turned the internet heaven and earth to find it, but we coudn't. But he HAVE seen it, you can take that to the bank.

And... last but not least...

Avril Lavigne

Way back in 2001 Avril told the media that Hanson was one of the main influences when recording her multi-platinum debut album Let Go.

She loves MMMBop and she also wanted to marry Taylor Hanson. Like we said, who didn't?