Exclusive Interview with Jim McGorman
July 2011

NB: This is a Google translation so the syntax/grammar may not be 100% correct.

Hello members. We got an "exclusive" interview with Avril Lavigne's guitarist, Jim McGorman.

Byala: Tell us a little about your childhood. As kids, we often dream of becoming doctors, astronauts, and in the case of Brazilian soccer players. You always wanted to be a musician, or it just happened?

JIM: Actually, I wanted to be a baseball player for many years. I loved the game - it was very good. However, there is a moment you have to take a decision on how to spend your time. Music was always around me, my father is a pianist and singer. Around 12/13 years I focused on music.

Byala: We know you also sing, by the way, you're a great singer. You want to go solo one day, or just work as a producer? What are your plans for after the Black Star tour?

JIM: Thank you! I've been a singer/songwriter all my life. I have several songs. (Some of you may find it on iTunes here:

I have a new single 'Girls', due out soon. So stay tuned.

I am currently producing two artists whom I'm very excited: Ryan Lutz and Laura Patterson. I produce albums when I'm not on tour, and I will continue writing and producing after the tour is over. I also will be a singer, I write and record. And with the Internet, it is very easy to put your music on the market.

Byala: You told us that he is working with Laura Michelle Patterson. What can you say about it?

JIM: Laura is a good singer / artist. She has a very interesting voice and a unique style. We wrote many songs together and started recording the first four. I'm very excited about the production.

Byala: We know you played guitar, bass and also sings. What do you like best?

JIM: To clarify, I am more a pianist than anything else. I play the piano and keyboards since the age of 6, and the piano will always be my first passion. I started playing drums and guitar at age 8 to 12. I pretty much "scratch" on bass, but the studio - I sound great!

Byala: We would like to know a little about working with Avril Lavigne. How and when did you meet? You know your music before working with it? We know that it is demanding with the band, and we know you're a great musician, but it was difficult at first?

JIM: Avril and I met in 2007 when she was looking for a new guitarist for The Best Damn Thing Tour. I saw her in concert years before I work with Michelle Branch in early 2000 but did not know much about it - it was not a great singer, with great success yet. Working with her has been great. There are always challenges when you work with a new artist, but it is quite natural. We have a great communication and have a great respect for each other.

Byala: How is your relationship with Avril and the rest of the band behind the stage? You have time to have fun and see the places through which they pass, or is all the shows?

JIM: We have a great relationship. I do not drink, so I always am the first to go home, but Avril, and I and the band, hear and touch music and always had fun. Sure, the shows are a priority, but when it's time to relax, we go out and have fun together.

Byala: How does it feel to go on stage with Avril and playing to thousands of people? It makes you proud as a professional?

JIM: Any time you play music in front of people, is a commotion. When you add thousands of screaming fans and the amazing that Avril has just keeps getting better.

Byala: You know the fans love you Avril. How do you feel when you do the backing vocals on Smile? You must be crazy!

JIM: Singing Smile is classic. Avril really likes the "bridge", then she asked me to sing the lead line. That makes me laugh almost every time.

Byala: What are your expectations of the shows in Brazil? Avril tweets mentioned that the Brazilian fans are going crazy! She talks about it?

JIM: Twitter is amazing. It's very nice to talk to as many people around the world at the same time. Fans of Brazil seem to be definitely ready to rock. We'll see what happens when we get there.

Byala: We can expect surprises for the show in South America, especially Brazil, as new cover songs, new set list or something?

JIM: I'm not sure. This is with Avril - and if surprises are planned, how could I tell? There would be no suprises anymore.

Byala: Finally, we would like to ask you to leave a message for the fans and the people of the Brazilian

JIM: Thank you for supporting me this year and Avril! We thank stop and can not wait to see you at the shows!

Byala: Jim, wanted to thank you again for your attention. We wish you the best, congratulations on your talent. We give a warm welcome to our country hope you enjoy all the cities that will play. I hope you enjoy our vibe, we are very anxious for his coming, will be amazing. See you soon!

JIM: You're welcome, I'm excited and happy to visit and learn about Brazil. See you soon.

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