@CokeMusic #Periscope Live Streams 

"As you know, I am generally not a big promoter, but I would like to tell you about one of my latest projects. I am working with Coca Cola (@CokeMusic) on a new web series called My Story. It will chronicle the journey of emerging artists going through the songwriting/recording/everything you do as an artist in 2016 process. Even though I have been working in music my entire life, I am still intrigued with the entire process, and am fascinated by each artist's unique path. This will be a way for people to join the process from the initial stages. We will be broadcasting from the CokeMusic Periscope channel"

March 14, 2017 - Will Champlin and Jake Fields

Intro  -  Jimmy introduces his guests, explains why his hair looks like that and shows us around his studio.

"Exploder"  -  Jim shows his latest toy.

Some Banter  -  About where their viewers are from, how Will and Jim met and so on.

Faith - Nice rendition of the George Michael classic, sung by Will and Jim on backing vocals.

More Banter -  About playing online live and preparation for the next song which is....

Good Grief  -  Jimmy sings a song by the English indie band Bastille. These are the guys that sang Pompei, one of the biggest hits in 2013.

And Even More Banter  -  More about where their viewers are from and Will is from and so on and so forth.

W/ Kate Voegele - Cleveland - Nov 18, 2016

  W/ Kate Voegele - Cleveland - Nov 18, 2016 - @CokeMusic #Periscope livestream: Jimmy and Kate perform Hallelujah  by Leonard Cohen.

W/ Kate Voegele - Cleveland - Nov 18, 2016 - @CokeMusic #Periscope livestream: Jimmy and Kate perform Leave Me Hollywood  on our request! We were stoked!

Sep 19, 2016 - Remmington Jones and Brandon Paddock

What Is It All About  -  Jimmy explains.

What's It All About  -  Jimmy explains some more. Cool  jam with Brandon Paddock at the end.

"The Feeling"   -  What is it that Jimmy is looking for in a song, his own or someone else's. Plus a little bit about his musical influences.

Cover of Why Georgia   -  We always maintained that Jimmy sounds a lot like John Mayer "with more edge and twice the range". Hear for yourself. Oh, with a little help from Brandon Paddock.

Cover of With Or Without You (U2) - Jimmy, his dreamy voice and the creamy Fender Rhodes sound.

"Why you not friend me?"  -  Jimmy tells a funny story.

Song Inception    -   Jimmy had two chords to start with. It's pretty long (13 minutes)  but it's fascinating to watch how it progresses.

Studio  -  Jimmy shows off his toys. He also gives us a little shout which was pretty cool.

"Bette Davies Eyes"