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December 27th, 2015:  Video:  Recap of the last concert with Cassadee Pope for 2015 a few weeks  ago in York, PA.
December 22nd, 2015:is currently on a mini-tour with  Kate Voegele. Here are a few shots from the show at the Gramercy Theatre in NYC (top row)
December 14th, 2015: In the spirit of the season, we have crafted a very special video, What Are Jim's Twelve Days of Christmas?  Want to know, watch the video!  Happy Holidays! 
December 7th, 2015: Jim recently went on a mini acoustic tour (4 cities)  with his old co-writing pal,  Kate Voegele. Video: Here it is how it looked/sounded in Pittsburgh.  Gallery:  Some photos from the shows. Great to see Jim doing something different! 
October 15th, 2015: Gallery: Photos from yesterday's performance w/ Cassadee Pope for Pandora radio in NYC.  of awesome photos Video: A short composite video from the same performance
October 13th, 2015: Video: From NBC's The Today show, Jim performed with Cassadee Pope in NYC today.  We have posted a HQ version of performance. Gallery: New HQ screen caps from Today show.  Plus a nice picture Cassadee's bass player Pat posted on twitter :)
October 10th, 2015: Gallery: Series of awesome photos of Jim with Cassadee from a show in Houston last night. Please a couple of new pictures from recent shows
September 29th, 2015:  Articles:  We have a brand new interview with Jim McGorman.  Take a moment to check out everything he has been up to in his world of producing, working with Cassadee Pope, writing and more.  Thanks to Jim for the interview.
September 26th, 2015: Gallery: A series of new photos from Morongo Casino show in Cabazon, CA - enjoy!
September 24th, 2015: Video:  A couple of fun videos of Jim and Steve working and rehearsing with Em Rossi
September 20th, 2015: Gallery: Over 25 cool photos from the Oxford Fair in Oxford Maine yesterday - check them all out!
September 19th, 2015: Video: From the Warren County Fair in McMinnville, TN, we posted two new clips, so check those out!  Gallery: As some cool new screen shows from the same show, fun captures of Jim and Cassadee that we think you'll enjoy.
September 12th, 2015: Gallery: New and awesome photos of Jim, Cassadee, Steve, Pat and Mitch from a show in Columbus, OH on September 11th.
August 23rd, 2015: Gallery: A nice collages of photos of Jim, Cassadee, and Pat from the Lake Shake Festival in Chicago (June), plus photos from Milwaukee on August 20th.  Last night from Farmington, CT a concert in support of Dream Ride for the Special Olympics.
August 20th, 2015: Video: A new video from this summer of Jim and Steve rehearsing with Em Rossi prior to Sessions at the Willow Grove. Articles: New photos of Jim added to an article from his participation on a panel for the Audio Engineering Society.  Enjoy!
August 16th, 2015: Gallery: A new collage with pictures of Jim and Steve from Warren County Fair and this pro photo of Jim and Cassadee from Muzikfest in Bethlehem, PA on August 14th. 
August 14th, 2015: Gallery: A series of new pictures from the Warren County Fair yesterday in Warren, PA.
August 3rd, 2015: Gallery: A series of new pictures of Jim and Steve at Session at the Willow Grove during a performance with Em Rossi.  Also new photos from Summer Jam at St. Joseph Michigan over the weekend.
August 1st, 2015:  Video: From a show in Phoenix on June 20th, lovely clip from the show, especially on Edge of A Thunderstorm.  Gallery: A collage of new photos from a recent show in Utah,  amazing pro photo of Jim at a benefit in Sarasota, FL, also another one from the same event of Jim, Cassadee and Steve. From Sessions at the Willow Grove, stunning black and white picture of Jim.
July 30th, 2015: Video: Clips of Jim working in studio producing with Em Rossi. Gallery: A new photo of Jim and Steve working with Em Rossi and a photo with from the Willow GroveJim Studio: Check out our Jim Studio page for a number of updates we made.
July 27th, 2015: Gallery: Another couple of pretty cool shots of Jim, this time from the Country Fan Fest in Salt Lake City (1, 2)
July 26th, 2015: Gallery: Just a couple of new photos: Stagecoach and Country Jam
July 23rd, 2015: Gallery: Jim and Steve are on a radio promo tour with Cassadee this week. Here are shots from the appearances for  102.7 The Coyote in Las Vegas and K-FROG Radio in Rancho Cucamonga.
July 21st, 2015: Gallery: A few updates for your today.  First we have a great photo of Jim and Cassadee from Lakefest. A collage for photos from Las Vegas promo today, and lastly pictures from a show in Phoenix yesterday. 
July 20th, 2015: Video:  Clips of Jim working with Michelle Featherstone, Spring 2015.  Jim and Michelle worked together on The Awesomeness project.  Gallery: New screen caps with Jim and Michelle from in studio.
July 19th, 2015: Video: Five new videos featuring Jim performing with Cassadee at various shows. Some real gems here so check them out!
July 15th, 2015: Video: Another nice treat today.  A new video of Jim and Steve working in studio with Em Rossi :) Gallery: A new photo of Jim and Cassadee (taken on Jim's birthday) from the Hodag Country Festival. 
July 12th, 2015: Video: A unique and rare video of Jim producing in the studio with Em Rossi, this is really cool to see. Photos of Jim working at his studio - Green Hill Recording.  Lots of updating on the site this weekend including our Bio, Events, Links and News pages :)   
July 9th, 2015: Video:  A special video we put together of Jim taking about the song writing process and recording.  Someone we know has a birthday tomorrow....:)
June 29th, 2015: Articles:  As you may know, Jim has a degree in music production and engineering from the  Berklee College of Music. He recently was on a panel organised by the Audio Engeneering Society where he shared his views on the state of music creation. Here is the recap of that meeting. Quite an interesting read. Gallery: Some photos from today's FarmBorough Festival in Randall's Island, NY.
June 28th, 2015: Gallery: Screenshots and phonephotos from the Mohegan Sun Wolf Den show in Uncasville, CT last night. Unfortunately, nobody takes proper camera to concerts anymore.
June 27th, 2015: Video:  A short combo video from CMA Music Fest in Nashville. Gallery: Some shots from the Big Barrel Country Music Festival in Dover, DE yesterday  (1, 2)
June 19th, 2015: Video:  Hotel California from CMA Music Fest in Nashville. Gallery: And this cool photo (screenshot actually) of the entire band w/ Cassadee.
June 16th, 2015: Video: A combo video featuring Jim, Cassadee and the band from CMA Music Fest.  Gallery: A series of new pictures from CMA Music Festival in Nashville.  (last three rows)
June 13th, 2015: Gallery: A series of new photos from today taken at CMA Music Festival in Nashville.   More to come..
June 12th, 2015: Video: We added two new videos including a short one from Nashville in 2014 (we really like the Three Amigos in this one :) and a 30 second video from Country Summer Fest from last weekend.   Totally worth checking out for Steve's solo on Hotel California and Jim's sweet vocals I Wish I Could Break Your Heart.  Enjoy!  
June 9th, 2015: Gallery: An album of new photos featuring Jim and the band with Cassadee Pope from Country Summer Festival in Santa Rosa, CA.  Stellar photos captured by Gretsch Guitars and Fender have been added to the album.  Plus two articles, the first one from Gretsch online "Cassadee Pope Shines at Country Summer" that includes photos of Jim.  Second article is from Fender "Cassadee Pope Brings A Shimmering Set To Country Summer." Cool photos of Steve and Pat. Look for special reference to Steve in the article for his "spot-on slide solo from Steve Fekete."
June 8th, 2015: Gallery: Some cool photos from the Country Summer Festival this weekend in Santa Rosa, CA.  There is this one of Jim with his White Falcon, a photo of Jim taken by Emily Brockman (Jim is her producer), and a collage from Oakheart Country Music Festival. Also thanks to Steve Fekete for letting us know about the current drummer in Cassadee Pope's band.  Meet Mitch White, Nashville based drummer. You can read more about Mitch on his website.    
June 5th, 2015: Gallery: More photos of Jim, Steve and Cassadee from the WCCO Minneapolis mini-concert (first two rows).
June 2nd, 2015: Video: New video from this morning's performance at WCCO Minneapolis of Wasting All These Tears, awesome acoustic performance!   Gallery:  New photos of Jim, Steve and Cassadee from promo appearances today.  Also a few collage pictures put together from the Dayton, OH concert this past weekend. 
June 1st, 2015: Video:  New combo video from the Yeungling Bands and BBQ festival in Dayton, OH.  Included are two different clips of Hotel California (nice to hear Jimmy's vocals!  Gallery: New photos and collages from the festival as well.  Enjoy!
May 31st, 2015: Video: Check out our new combo video entitled "Same part two cities" from recent shows Jim with Cassadee.  Gallery: Thanks to Pat McCarthy for the cool photo of Cassadee, Jim and the band at Bayou Country Superfest in Baton Rouge.  Have a great Sunday funday! 
May 26th, 2015: Video: I Wish I Could Break Your Heart shot from afar at the Bayou Country Festival. You can see Jim on the big screen and the sound is really awesome!   Gallery: Two new photos from this past weekend.  A great one here of Jim and Cassadee from  Bayou Country Superfest and another one here as well. 
May 18th, 2015: Video: A nice video of Jim performing with Kate Voegele.  The clip It's Only Life was co-written by Jim and Kate.  Thanks to Vanessa Guerra and @TidewaterTina for the videos! Gallery: We also added a few photos from the show as well.  Also we have some new photos from Sammypalozza with Cassadee Pope from March.  Enjoy! 
May 8th, 2015: Video: A video crafted featuring Jim's original song "Through To You" from his album The World Is Falling Down (2006). We put this together featuring Jim performing in the video.
May 6th, 2015: News: We got an update from Jim what he's been up to lately and what's ahead. You can read all about it in our News section.
May 3rd, 2015: Video: A front row video put together from Anderson County Fair that includes all the highlights.  Have a great Sunday! 
May 1, 2015: Gallery: Some new pics from Anderson, SC County Fair.  Enjoy!
Apr 29th, 2015: Video: A very cool composite video we put together of Jim, Cassadee and the band at Stagecoach.  Check it out!
Apr 26th, 2015: Gallery: Awesome new pics from Stagecoach Festival in Indio, CA yesterday. Definitely worth checking out! 
Apr 17th, 2015: Gallery: A blast from the past, photos of Jim from July 2012 during a performance in CT on Fox 61 TV. Enjoy!
Apr 13th, 2015: Video: A fun and energetic performance of Cinematic from Sugar Festival this past weekend.   Gallery: And new screen shots from Sugar Fest.  Check it out!
Apr  11th, 2015: Video: Cassadee was headlining  Sugarfest 2015 in Fla, so here is a video from that. Gallery: And some photos and screenshots for that event as well.
Apr  06th, 2015: Video: We can't believe that we haven't posted this clip! Jimmy and Cassadee (and Steve, of course), performing "Wasting..." in LA (Westfield Century City's Center Court); 18 months ago (Aug 2013). Check out pictures and screeshots here.

And more recently - a nice shot of Jim working in the studio.
Mar 30th, 2015: Gallery: A couple of shots of Jim working (and chillin') with the mexican singer/actor Yahir and his band.
Mar 22nd, 2015: Video: While Jim is on a well deserved break from touring  -  just a little fun video we made.
Mar 09th, 2015: Video: Another couple of videos from Steve's EPIC bithday party. Jim singing Bon Jovi's "Dead Or Alive" and Pharrell Williams's "Happy".
Mar 07th, 2015: Video: We have a little treat today. Doobie Brother's "Takin' It To The Streets", performed by  in honour of Steve Fekete's birthday. Jim on keys and lead vocal. And some photos, too. Happy Birthday Steve!
Feb 19th, 2015: Gallery:  A couple of collages of Jim performing w/ Gwen Stefani (1, 2) and a nice screenshot.
Feb 11th, 2015: Video: Another compilation video from the Gwen Stefani Concert. Short but worth your while!
Feb 09th, 2015: Video: Jimmy recently started playing with Gwen Stefani! He played his first show a couple of nights ago at the Orpheum Theatre in LA. Here is a video we compiled from various Instagram clips.  Gallery:  An album of pix  from the show.
Feb 06th, 2015:  Video: Two movies from the concert with Cassadee  in Clifton Park, NY in September last year. At least one of them is worth your while.
Jan  31st, 2015:  Video: Another video clip from the Sessions at Willow Grove. This time Jim performed with Bek Phillips  (with a little help of Luke McMaster) - the song is called Blink. 
Jan  30th, 2015:  Video: We posted a lot of pretty pix from the concert w/ Cassadee Pope at The Grove in LA in July last year but no video! Time to rectify that.
Jan  26th, 2015:  Video: We are very excited to post a video clip of a song of Jim we've never heard before. He performed it during the Sessions at Willow Grove. Also, check out the page we made with videos from the series.
Jan 19th, 2015: Gallery: Stunning photos of Jim performing with Kate Voegele, recent additions marked as new.
Jan  11th, 2015:  Video: The last  song from the mini-concert with Kate Voegele ( Sessions at Willow Grove) It's called "Sand Castles". Jim plays piano. The whole mini concert is here
Jan  10th, 2015:  Video: Another song from the mini-concert with Kate Voegele ( Sessions at Willow Grove) It's called "Gravity Happens" and Jim has a realy nice piano solo.
Jan 08th, 2015:  Video: We continue with posting video clips of Jim and Kate Voegele from the Sessions at Willow Grove. The song is called "It's Only Life" and it's the first song Jim and Kate wrote together.
Jan 06th, 2015:  Video: Another video of Jimmy and Kate Voegele performing ANOTHER gorgeous balad they co-wrote. It's called "Ran Out Of Love". Thanks to Sessions at Willow Grove
Jan 05th, 2015:  Video: A video clip of Jimmy and Kate Voegele performing a gorgeous balad they co-wrote: "Leave Me Hollywood". Thanks to Sessions at Willow Grove

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