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Nov 24th, 2016: Gallery: Jim played a few shows with Kate Voegele and Tyler Hilton recently (check our Events: page) so here is a little collage of pix from that.
Nov 18th, 2016:  Video:  When it rains, it pours! Jimmy was live on @CokeMusic #Persicope livestream today and performed 2 songs with Kate Voegele. Gallery:  A few photos from a recent studio session with Marc Broussard in New Orleans.
Nov 17th, 2016: Video: Three videos of Jimmy performing with Marc Broussard. The songs are from Marc's new album  S.O.S. 2: Save our Soul: Soul on a Mission. Gallery:  A collage of screenshots from these.
Nov 1st, 2016: Gallery:  A bunch of photos from now and then, from here, there and everywhere that we finally found the time to sort and post. Incidentally - there are twelve thousand, five hundred and eighteen photos in our McGallery.  We've been following this guy for 10 years now. 
Oct  9th, 2016: Video: Jimmy played w/ Marc Broussard at Troubadour, LA a couple of days ago. Check out some  Jim highlights from the concert. Gallery: Also, a couple of collages (1, 2).
Oct 1st, 2016: Video:  More clips from Jim's first Periscope livestream.  Please check them out.
Sep  25th, 2016: Video:  A  few snippets from Jim's first Periscope livestream.  Check out our News page to see what's it all about! 
Sep  18th, 2016: It's been 10 years (GASP!) since the release of Jim's solo record "The World Is Falling Down"We still love it to bits and listen to it quite often. Here is a little tribute page we made for the occasion.
Sep  15th, 2016: Video: Highlights from the acoustic show with Lara Michelle at The Norwood, New York, a few days ago.
Sep  11th, 2016: Gallery:  Photos from the acoustic show w/ Laura Michelle in Norwood, NY.
Sep  5th, 2016: Video: Highlights from the concert  for Laura Michelle's  "Novel  With No End" album release.
Sep 2nd, 2016: Gallery:  Photos from the concert with Laura Michelle in last night at the El Rey Theatre, Los Angeles, California.
Aug 16th, 2016: Video: Just a fun mash up video of two Unbelievable songs.
July 23rd, 2016: Video: A video of Jim from 2013, quite interesting too - Jim talks about producing.
June 25th, 2016 News: We got an update from Jim what he's been up to in the past few months, so you can read all about it! Gallery:  Quite a few screenshots of Jimmy and Kate Voegele from the "Must Be Summertime" video here. Also a couple of photos of Jimmy working in his studio with Lisa Heller. (1, 2)
June 22nd, 2016: Video: A new video of Jimmy performing live with Kate Voegele!
June 19th, 2016: Gallery:  Just a couple of photos from Jim's studio working witn a couple of artists.
May 7th, 2016 News: Read all about another succesful  collaboration of Jim and Em Rossi that is making waves on YouTube.
April 30th , 2016: On April 27, Jim performed at the Lucky Strike Live in Hollywood during the Prince Tribute show. Some great videos here as well as a couple of awesome shots.
April 23rd, 2016: Prince is one of Jim's favourite artists. This is our tribute. RIP The Purple One.
April 14th, 2016: Video: We pretty much posted all the songs that Jimmy performed at the Lucky Strike Live in Hollywood last month, but this is a nice recap video that includes the red carpet as well.
April 06th, 2016 News: Em Rossi's "Earthquake" was actually written by Jim!
March 23rd, 2016:  Articles:  Jim and Em Rossi were recently interviewed by Rock On Philly, a website dedicated to the Philadelphia music scene.  Jim talks about producing in general and  how it is to be working with  Em. Enjoy!
March 21st, 2016: Gallery:  Three cool photos from the recent mini-tour with Kate Voegele: Agoura Hills and San Diego (pic 1 and pic 2)
March 19th, 2016: Gallery: More photos of Jimmy from the performance at the Lucky Star Live on March 16th.
March 18th, 2016: Video:  Four more videos from the epic performance with his Best Damn bandmates. Jim should really perform more, he seems to be enjoying it very much.  Gallery:  Some cool photos from  the red carpet and the performance at the Lucky Star Live.  Check back for more stuff!
March 17th, 2016 Video: What a treat! Jim fronting a band, singing and playing at the Lucky Strike Live in Hollywood last night. We posted a few HQ videos so please have a look! Jim looks very fit and is in great voice!
March 16th, 2016 News:   More from Em Rossi on her collaboration with Jim.
March 15th, 2016 Video: A short video of Jim accompanying Kate Voegele at a recent One Three Hill cast reunion concert in Wilmington, NC. Gallery: And... a few pictures from the same show in this album here.
March 14th, 2016 Video: Jim joined Kate Voegele at the One Three Hill Convention 2016 concert last night.  Just a little very low quality video, strictly for the record. But we have a pretty cool shot and a collage from the same show.
March 13th, 2016 News:  The young and upcoming singer/songwriter  Em Rossi on collaboration with Jim.
March 9th, 2016: Video: Thanks to Em Rossi we have this video of Jim producing her single "Eathquake". Quite interesting (as always!) watching Jim working in his studio.
March 8th, 2016: Video: We haven't updated in awhile, life kinda took over. Sorry about that. Here is the performance of another beautiful ballad with  Em Rossi from the Sessions @Willow Grove. And we also would like to wish a very very Happy Birthday to our favourite guitarist Steve Fekete. And many happy returns of the day, of course!
February 22nd, 2016: Video: Jim just finished a mini club tour with Kate Voegele and Tyler Hilton in California. We put togehter some Instagram clips in a video. Nobody bothers to tape anything substantial on concerts anymore. Anyway, enjoy!
February 19th, 2016: Video: A great performance of "Young Hearts" with Em Rossi from the Sessions @Willow Grove. Great to hear Jimmy's voice again.
February 17th, 2016: Gallery:  Jim just completed the 6 show mini concert tour with Kate Voegele and Tyler Hilton. Here are some photos from the last two shows: San Diego and Hermosa Beach.
February 14th, 2016: Gallery: New collage of photos from recent shows in San Haun Capistrano and Agoura Hills, CA with Kate Voegele.
February 12th, 2016: Gallery: A couple of screenshots of Jim performing with Kate Voegele this week at various shows in California.  Enjoy :)
February 8th: Video: A few more songs (or rather, parts of songs) from the show with Kate Voegele at the Gramercy Theatre, NYC late last year.
February 3rd: Video: A few video of Jim with Em Rossi performing Earthquake from Sessions at the Willow Grove.
February 1st, 2016: Gallery: Jim performed at the legendary Whisky A Go Go over the weekend with My Silent Bravery.  Some awesome photos from the show can be found here. Enjoy!
January 19th, 2016:  News: We are pleased to provide an update from Jim that includes his plans for the next few months working in studio and shows with Kate Voegele.   Events:  We've updated the events page and included a number of shows on the US west coast Jim will be at performing with Kate Voegele.
Jan 15th, 2016:  Video: Two full songs from the show with Kate Voegele at the Gramercy Theatre, NYC late last year. Videos: Jenny Leung

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